Marine Services

Let us do the work for you to enjoy your yacht

Yacht Management & Guardianage

“Customer’s friend”

  • Providing a single point of contact for either the owner or their skipper.
  • Routine planned maintenance on engines and key mechanical equipment based upon hours used or time.
  • Supporting electrical, electronic and IT systems.
  • Additional breakdown maintenance and repairs as required; pre and post trip visits, from a blocked toilet, engine rebuild to a complete refit.
  • Helping you to negotiate finding berths and facilities that work for you.
  • Supporting the owner at sea.
  • Cleaning services for your yacht, inside and out.

Yacht Engineering Consultantcy

“Consultancy tailored for you”

  • Developing personalised, vessel specific maintenance plans, with hours counter log and automatic notifications.
  • Supporting surveys and Inspections on Purchase, Sale or after any damage for insurance claims.
  • Electrical and electronic solutions and upgrades.
  • Redesigning and planning of yacht mechanical systems including engines, fuelling and control systems.
  • Training on operations and first line support.
  • Yacht delivery between the UK and Europe or the USA/Canada.

Refit & Project Management

“Owner’s eye for detail”

  • Managing the project from start to delivery.
  • Developing full specifications of the work packages to be undertaken.
  • Identifying suitable contractors when they are not available in-house.
  • Writing, agreeing and managing a project programme (GAANT Chart) against a timeline.
  • Signing off and approving work on behalf of or in conjunction with the owner.
  • Excellent communication with regular feedback on progress to the owner.


“Find your perfect boat”

  • ¬†Providing valuable insights into current trends, pricing, and the best time to sell. Our presale survey gives you added insight into your boat and its poteintial value and gives your buyer confidence in their purchase.
  • A wide network of potential buyers, both locally to you and internationally. This means your yacht will receive maximum exposure to interested parties.
  • Ensuring your boat is presented in its best light.
  • Taking care of all the necessary documentation and arrangements, making the process simple for you

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